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Jorns celebrates 50 years of success

Kurt Jorns founded the company Jorns & Co. in Lotzwil in 1973. Five employees worked for the company at the time. Today, Jorns AG employs 76 people, including 11 apprentices. The company is an important employer in the region. Despite difficult conditions, it is still very successful in the field of semi-automatic and fully automatic bending machines. A 50-year success story that was duly celebrated in 2023.

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“I was always riled by the fact that the bending machine wasn’t stable” …

… remembers Kurt Jorns, the founder of Jorns AG and developer of the machine frame. After all, a bending machine weighs several tons and has to get to the customer safely and be installed there correctly to produce exact bending results. In the 1970s, the qualified master mechanic Kurt Jorns was still installing bending machines at his customers’ premises himself – and he had an idea.

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Starrag Success Story with Jorns

Interview with the Production Manager Peter Roth from Jorns AG. Why Starrags STC 1250 is the perfect machine to be part of Jorns success.

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Starrag TecTalk with Jorns

Starrag TecTalk, episode 4 of Miriam Rickli visiting Marc Jorns of Jorns AG in Switzerland.

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