Jorns accessories: for extremely efficient work.

Useful accessories increase your productivity.

Preparing the material, cutting and bending it before preparing the edge profiles for transportation to the customer. The workflows in your company are almost second nature. But how can the entire process – starting before bending and finishing after it – be made even more efficient? The answer is with useful accessories. These all play a valuable role for extremely efficient work, such as our cutting table that offers added support at the bending machine. You can choose from the following useful accessories.

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Jorns cutting table (JZST)

For cutting, preparation, temporary storage and packaging. Features: robust support frame, phenol chipboard, stop and lateral scale; mounted on castors and with brakes; available in lengths of 4, 6 and 8 metres and widths of 1000 and 1250 mm.

Optionaly equipped with reinforced edge protection and / or replaceable wood insert.

Cutting table (ZST)

Jorns manual table shears (JHTS)

High-quality manual table shears for precise cutting: integrated material retainer for secure fixing during cutting; compatible with Jorns cutting table (JZST) in widths of 1000 or 1250 mm.

Supportarme 1000Mm

Support arms

The machine can be equipped with support arms in order to simplify the processing of sheet strips with a large cutting width or those that protrude a long way out of the machine during bending. The support arms can be installed on the bending beam.

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