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Our company history.

A story of Swiss ingenuity and customer-oriented entrepreneurship – from the manual bending machine to the fully automatic double bending machine.

2018 Jorns presents the fully automatic, graphically controlled Jorns JDB double bending machine with new design and individually driven clamping fingers at the EuroBlech exhibition. Several parallel, tapered or overlapped profiles can be bent simultaneously using the machine. With Industry 4.0 in mind, Jorns demonstrates intelligent, digital networking between the MetIQ software from MicroSea, the Krasser slitting machine and the Jorns bending machines.

2016 Presentation of the first Jorns double bending machine with automatic infeed table and vacuum grippers for manufacturing bending profiles with even greater efficiency.

2014 The “J-Bend” app is introduced and immediately simplifies everyday working processes; the app receives the “Best of Swiss Apps” award in the “Productivity” category.

2012 All graphically controlled bending machines are equipped with B&R hardware components, thus allowing comprehensive remote access to the bending machines.

2010 Introduction of the multi-ray laser system for clamping tooling and shear protection after the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC comes into force on 01.01.2010.

2005 Machine mechanic and business economist Marc Jorns takes over the business from his father and continues to manage the family-run company successfully in the second generation.

2002 Jorns presents the first Jorns double bending machine at the EuroBlech exhibition, which allows roof and wall profiles to be manufactured without turning them around or over for the first time.

2000 The Jorns bending machines are equipped with a fully automated CNC control system with graphic interface developed in-house, together with special software for calculating sheet metal.

1994 The first Jorns bending machine is equipped with a CNC400 control system.

1987 The newly developed Norma-Line, Maxi-Line and Super-Line series replace the existing 76, 77, 78 and 82 series.

1982 Jorns engineers develop the new 82 series with a bending capacity for sheet metal up to 3 mm.

1979 Jorns designers equip the first bending machines with a rolling spindle stop and put the PC-3000 screen control system into operation for the first time.

1975 Development and construction of the first NC-controlled bending machine (78 series) and 77 series with motorised back stop and electric shears.

1973 The master mechanic Kurt Jorns takes over the company Konrad, which then employed four members of staff. From the outset, Jorns AG develops and manufactures bending machines and accessories for processing sheet metal.