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Starrag Success Story with Jorns

Interview with the Production Manager Peter Roth from Jorns AG. Why Starrags STC 1250 is the perfect machine to be part of Jorns success.

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Starrag TecTalk with Jorns

Starrag TecTalk, episode 4 of Miriam Rickli visiting Marc Jorns of Jorns AG in Switzerland.

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Reunion: hydraulic bending machine from 1973 at Röthlisberger Haustechnik

It was only by chance that we heard about one of Jorns’ first hydraulic bending machines; it had been installed in the former Röthlisberger tinsmith’s workshop in the neighbouring village around 50 years ago. And it’s still there today. No wonder we wanted to take a closer look.

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Where are you: type 69 hydraulic bending machines?

The other day at Röthlisberger Haustechnik in Bützberg: Roman Röthlisberger and the type 69-M-6/1 bending machine welcomed two chaps from Jorns AG. We have now received the report from the hydraulic bending machine – with a request. Can anyone help?

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Folding rule v. back stop in bending technology – a comparison

Learn what a folding rule is still good for and where a back stop already works automatically in our comparison of a folding rule versus a back stop – with all of the advantages and disadvantages.

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From a folding rule to a CNC-controlled bending machine with back stop – a story to make you think again

Anyone who measures up profiles with a folding rule every time can produce some real masterpieces. But what can a CNC-controlled bending machine with back stop do more automatically? The master tinsmith in this story wanted to find out the truth. Read on to learn about what he also discovered alongside the advantages and disadvantages.

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